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Premium Bakery

Create a craving with fresh baked goods

Use the aroma of baked goods to make the bakery department a destination within your store. Let us help you offer customers the products that make it easy for them to enjoy fresh-baked goodness at home.

"Great Lakes Foods strives to provide a complete bakery program, including scratch bakery, bake-off products and thaw-and sell."

Katy Wickstrom, Bakery Manager

Complete lines

Find everything from proof-and-bake to thaw-and-sell, with the products that set customers' mouths watering. Breads, buns, cakes, cookies, packaged snacks and oven-fresh treats, it's all available through Great Lakes Foods.

Local and National Brands in Demand

We carry premium brands produced throughout Wisconsin and Michigan. Our cross-docking program with the Valley Bakers Cooperative Association further expands your choices. Round out your selection with nationally recognized brands like Dawn Foods and Rich's Frozen Products.

  • Brill frosting and icing products
  • Brothers Donuts
  • Cafe Valley
  • Cuisine
  • Dawn Products
  • Ecce Panis Breads and Rolls
  • Gregory's Foods
  • Johnston Bakery Products
  • LoftHouse Cookies
  • Maplehurst
  • Mello Creme
  • Meurer danishes, specialty cookies, and seasonal cakes
  • New French Bakery
  • Prime Pastries
  • Table Talk Pies
  • Racine Kringles
  • Rich's Frozen products
  • Something Sweet crumb cakes

Operational support

Once you choose your lines we will bring in experts to show you the finer points of how to prepare, bake and manage their line and help you reduce your shrink and increase your profitability.