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Build your brand with these powerful names

Choose from a full line of branded grocery and private label offerings to convey your commitment to quality and reinforce customer loyalty. Great Lakes Foods adds attractive purchasing options and superior support to help you compete.

“Brands are a proven way to affect people's perceptions. The right brands make shoppers feel more comfortable in your store."

Jim Jenkins, Buying Department Manager

All major brands

Stock your shelves with these familiar names in every aisle.

Brands in Demand

Here's a sampling of available brands:

  • Beckman's and Pine Cone tomato products
  • Dakota Grower and Dreamfield pasta lines
  • Dei Fratelli products
  • Eight O'Clock coffee line
  • Mario olives
  • Nunn Better pet foods
  • Pajeda chips
  • Rinaldi sauces
  • T.J. Farms
  • Wildwood Soda

Private label offerings

We offer the nationally respected Shurfine private labels and economy-tier brands like Clear Value and Top Care plus unique regional brands that add character to your store.

Book-and-hold purchasing

Extend deal pricing for up to six weeks (four weeks on perishables). Book key items at the sale price, and we'll hold them in our warehouse until you're ready to purchase.

Single-pick HBC/GM

Most of the HBC/GM product are single-picked. Expand choice in your health and beauty and general merchandise sections while keeping inventory and costs in control.

Promotional allowance reporting

Refine your marketing plans using our detailed report on all upcoming deals and dates—including seasonal and holiday specials like back-to-school promotions and Halloween candy. We can also give you an everyday low price (EDLP) list upon request.

Green Tag Program

Use our customizable Green Tag Program to pass along the vendor allowances to your customers.


Use our SAVE TODAY Program to pass along the vendor allowances to your customers.